Congratulations on purchasing a VAULT BIKE ID KIT+ to protect your bike ID and your ownership.  It is important that you read this installation guide fully before commencing the ID KIT installation.


  • Apply the Shield Warning label in a prominent location on the frame seat tube post, top tube, down tube or head tube.


  • Carefully peel the BIKE ID label from the backing material in the direction shown, ensuring the laser-cut letters and numbers remain on the label backing.
  • Apply the BIKE ID label to the underside of the bike frame in the vicinity of the frame serial number. 


  • Apply the 8 Mini ID labels to discrete areas of the bike. 
  • Placement suggestions: Under seat,  headstem and forks.  Inside wheel rims, seat post and handlebars.


4.1 Remove the Bullseye Marking Rings and place in discrete locations ready for microdot application. 

4.2 Place the microdot applicator on a flat surface and tip out microdots evenly across the tray.

4.3 Dip applicator wand in the glue vile and the dab the wand onto the applicator tray to collect a few dots.

4.4 Apply the dots to the bike by dabbing the wand in the middle of the marking rings, ensuring the dots transfer to the surface.

4.5 Immediately after applying the microdots, photograph where they are applied and remove the marking rings.  Do not leave the marking ring in situ whilst the adhesive dries.


Photographs are very important when it comes to asset identification.  We recommend you take the following photographs and upload them when you register your bike in the VAULT:

  • Closeup Left and Right side of the bike
  • Owner with Bike
  • Frame Serial Number – usually located underneath the bottom bracket.
  • Microdot and ID label placement.
  • Unique identifiers (scratches and marks) and custom components and accessories.
  • Receipt of purchase


  • Go to and create your free member account.
  • Click the ‘Add Property’ button and select ‘Register a Bike’.
  • Enter the 12-digit PIN found on your BIKE ID label surround in the field provided to lock your BIKE ID to your bike.
  • Once locked the PIN enables you to upload 20 photographs when registering.
  • Note: Extra photo boxes display in sets of two once all existing boxes are filled.
  • Follow the field prompts to complete your bike registration. 

Note: All information is time and date stamped to the second in your bikes logbook.  Don't worry, If you don't have to complete the registration in one go, you can always edit your registration at a later time, although to gain the maximum benefit from our provenance recording we recommend this is done as soon as possible


  • Ensure all the surfaces where you intend to apply the labels and DataDotDNA® Microdots are clean, dry and free from grease, oil and dirt before application.
  • The BIKE ID labels are delicate prior to application and can only be applied once. Any attempt to remove the labels once applied will cause them to break.
  • Lightly apply the Bullseye Marking Rings for easy removal after microdots are applied.
  • Don’t dilute the microdot adhesive.
  • Don’t apply the microdots to parts of the bike that may interfere with the bike’s mechanical movement, or to parts that receive a lot of wear including the chain and cassette.
  • Don’t store or use the microdot adhesive in extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  • Only apply a small amount of adhesive to each marking area.
  • If you accidentally apply the adhesive to an area that you wish to remain clear of marking, wipe immediately with a damp cloth.
  • The adhesive becomes touch dry after 1 hour and completely cured within 72 hours.
  • After application, wait 4 hours before riding your bike.
  • The BIKE ID labels have a special fluorescent acrylic adhesive designed to penetrate into the surface coat of painted/clearcoat substrates and leave a UV detectable trace (UVT) and in the case of QR code label GHOST ID.
  • GHOST ID is created by laser cutting out your unique VAULT ID No. and is highlighted (visible) by using a black light torch when the label is removed on suitable surfaces and after adequate application time - best results after 14 days.
  • Some surfaces may resist UVT.
  • UVT will not perform on e-coat surfaces and uncoated aluminium, steel and carbon fibre.
  • The UVT mark left is just outside the visible light spectrum.
  • If the UVT label is removed, in some combinations of light, angle of reflection and component colour may cause the mark to be visible.
  • The UVT mark will fade over time – avoid applying to areas that face direct sunlight
  • DataDotDNA® DataDot Microdots are tiny polymer discs 0.5mm in size encoded with your unique VAULT ID No.
  • The water-based adhesive supplied contains a fluorescent additive and a proprietary DNATraceID ® providing an extra layer of invisible ID.
  • The adhesive is white in colour when wet but dries clear.


  • Keep out of reach of children, packaging and labels may be a choke hazard.
  • When applying DataDotDNA® - Wear gloves and eye protection and use with adequate ventilation and avoid breathing the adhesive vapour.
  • If contact is made with skin wash with soap and water.
  • If swallowed, seek immediate medical advice. Do not eat, drink or smoke while using.
  • Dispose of empty containers and packaging in a suitable landfill or recycling stream.
  • Refer to special instructions/material safety data sheets (MSDS):


Purchase of the BIKE ID KIT + entitles the purchaser to lifetime free bike registration on the BikeVAULT section of the PropertyVAULT website owned by Property Vault International Pty Ltd ACN 626 964 565 (“PVI”), subject to the following confirmation of ongoing ownership. PVI reserves the right to contact the purchaser via their provided email address every two years from the date of registration to confirm:

  • They still own the bike
  • The bike is still in their possession
  • They wish to continue the registration

In the event no reply is received from the registered bike owner within 30 days of email notification being sent, PVI reserves the right to delete the registration from the PropertyVAULT website.


In the event a PropertyVAULT (BikeVAULT) registered bike with a BIKE ID KIT+ applied is stolen, upon notification on the PropertyVAULT website,  DataDot Technology Ltd (DataDot) will procure that PropertyVAULT undertakes to provide the following Theft Support (TS) to the purchaser:

  • When reported stolen – A PropertyVAULT representative will contact/attempt to contact the purchaser via phone or email to provide general support and guidance to enhance the odds of the bike identified and recovered by the police.
  • When information is received – When information is received that may aid in the bike's recovery a PropertyVAULT representative will contact/attempt to contact the purchaser and police (when appropriate) to provide support to aid in proving the bike’s identification and recovery by police.

Note: DataDot and PropertyVAULT cannot guarantee that the support and guidance provided will aid in the identification and recovery of the bike.

To qualify for Theft Support, the purchaser must within 30 days of the theft occurring do the following:

  • Report the theft of their bike to Police and seek their assistance and guidance
  • Report the theft on the PropertyVAULT website
  • Notify PropertyVAULT via email requesting support


Purchasers of a new bike from a participating VAULT bike dealer/retailer,  who at the same time purchase a BIKE ID KIT+ on its own or as part of a VAULT lock bundle purchase are eligible to participate in the Dealer Loyalty Theft Replacement Discount Program (DLDP).  To learn about the program, click here. 





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