Selling your property?

Use our Registration Sale Report to help make you and your property standout as a genuine in the second hand market. If your property is already registered, go to your My Vault page and select the Mark For Sale tab on the property you wish to sell.

Buying a property?

Search our Registered Properties For Sale. We are not a selling portal but you can check out the registered properties and find where they are advertised.

How it works


The second hand property market is riddled with stolen properties, with thousands sold each year to unsuspecting purchasers.


The Registration Sale Report is designed to benefit both sellers and buyers by providing key property and ownership history in a date stamped report, enabling potential buyers to identify bona fide sellers with genuine properties and conduct thorough due diligence to avoid buying a stolen property.


The report can be uploaded directly on Facebook Buy and Sell Groups and/or a link shared on buy and sell websites.


The date stamped Registration Report, like a car Log Book is a valuable addition when selling.