What is PropertyVault

PropertyVault™ is a custom-built website platform linking a series of niche asset registration VAULTS and a specialist service for the public and police across Australia to counter property crime.

Who we are

The PropertyVault team comprises of former police, that are skilled in policing and asset tracing techniques and are driven to make a positive change to property crime.

What we have achieved

PropertyVault via the BikeVault website www.bikevault.com.au is recognised by the cycling community and police as the market-leading platform and specialist service to counter bike theft in Australia.

Starting from a zero base in 2015, propertyVAULT™ has successfully recovered bikes and other stolen property valued at more than $1.5 million. Our success rate is gaining momentum as more of the public, police, insurers and businesses (including Cash Converters) increasingly utilise our platform and service to identify and recover property.  You can learn more about our growing alliance with Cash Converters here.

What's next

Having proven the value of our identification and ownership model with BikeVault™ we are now releasing 19 additional niche Vaults and extending our capability to combat the annual $1.5 billion theft of moveable assets prone to theft in Australia.


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