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PropertyVAULT is Australia's No.1 free online community platform and service to combat theft and assist in the recovery of stolen and lost property and pets!

How we help

A large percentage of theft is committed for financial gain by thieves and black-market traders (knowing handlers of stolen property) who profit from the sale of stolen property to unsuspecting purchasers.

To break this illicit trade requires removing the ability for the perpetrators to sell stolen property without fearing the asset being identified and them being caught and prosecuted by the police.

Identification is the KEY to combat profit-driven theft and PropertyVAULT has the solution!

More than just a simple database to register and report stolen assets, PropertyVAULT provides:

  • A secure portal for the public to accurately record the identity and their ownership of  'at-risk' of theft assets (including pets) in their private VAULT, benefitting from full lifecycle digital identification, provenance tracking and blockchain encryption.

In the event an asset is stolen or goes missing, PropertyVAULT comes to the fore, providing:

  • Tailored public and police accessible stolen and missing reports;
  • Proven to work tips, tools and resources to proactively aid in recovery;
  • A custom search portal, enabling both the public and police to identify stolen property, regardless of where in Australia it went missing and is later found;
  • Social media connectivity and automatic upload of stolen reports to quickly spread awareness;
  • A large social media community, who actively search PropertyVAULT and keep a lookout for and report stolen property sightings and leads; and
  • Online theft recovery support from PropertyVAULT’s police trained admins, who are skilled in asset identification and tracing techniques.

Where we began and what we have achieved

PropertyVAULT via the BikeVAULT website is recognised by the cycling community as the market-leading platform and specialist service to counter bike theft in Australia.

Starting from a zero base in 2015, PropertyVAULT™ has assisted victims and police nationally in recovering hundreds of stolen bikes and other stolen property valued at more than $1.5 million.

In May 2019, PropertyVAULT partnered with DataDot Technology Ltd - the world leaders in sophisticated anti-theft asset identification products to provide a holistic solution to counter profit-driven theft.

Take action

Start protecting your assets and pet identification in your personal VAULT today!  Sign up for your FREE account and then click the ‘ADD TO VAULT’ button to begin.


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