When a customer purchases a brand-new bike and at the same time purchase a BIKE ID KIT+ (including as part of a VAULT lock bundle) from a participating VAULT - DataDot dealer, they are eligible to participate in the Dealer Loyalty Theft Bonus program (DLTB) by complying with the entry conditions below.

How to enter the DLTB

Purchase a brand-new bike from a participating VAULT-DataDot dealer and at the same time purchase a BIKE ID KIT+ or a VAULT premium lock ('D', Folding or Chain) that comes with a complimentary BIKE ID KIT+, and within 14 days of purchase you must:

  1. Complete the registration form supplied in the BIKE ID KIT+ and mail the form along with a copy of your purchase receipt for your new Bike and the BIKE ID KIT+ / VAULT lock bundle to DataDot Technology as per the address on the registration form.
  2. Apply the BIKE ID KIT+ Identification Kit products to your new bike in accordance with the application guide instructions.
  3. Register your new bike on the BikeVAULT section of the PropertyVAULT website – www.propertyvault.com.au, ensuring you upload photographs in accordance with the application guide.

How the DLTB works and the Loyalty Bonus is calculated

If your bike is stolen within the first 3 years from the date of purchase and not recovered after 180 days, and provided you have complied with the DLTB Entry and Theft Redemption conditions, DataDot will reimburse you the applicable Loyalty Bonus if within 12 months from the date of the theft you purchase a new bike of equal or greater value from the same participating dealer. 

The DLTB percentage and maximum reimbursement amount is calculated as follows:

  1. Bike stolen in the first year of ownership - DLTB reimbursement is 10% of the stolen bike purchase price capped to a maximum of $500.
  2. Bike stolen in the second year of ownership - DLTB reimbursement is 7% of the stolen bike purchase price capped to a maximum of $250.
  3. Bike stolen in the third year of ownership - DLTB reimbursement is 5% of the stolen bike purchase price capped to a maximum of $100.

DLTB Theft Conditions

In the event your bike is stolen, you must do the following upon learning of the theft: 

1. Within 48 hours:

  1. Report the theft to the police.
  2. If your bike is insured, report and lodge a claim with your insurer.
  3. Change the registration status of your bike listing on the PropertyVAULT website from ‘SAFE’ to ‘STOLEN’ and fully complete the stolen report, ensuring to include the police report number in the data field provided.

2. Within 48 hours contact DataDot via email: info@datadotid.com and provide the following information:

  1. Advise that your DLTB qualified bike registered with PropertyVAULT reference number (PV number) has been stolen.
  2. Advise if your bike is insured, if so, provide your insurers' details and claim number.
  3. Provide confirmation that you have complied with the Bike Security Requirements as per below.

DLTB Redemption Conditions

To redeem the DLTB, the following requirements apply:

  1. 180 days have passed since your bike was stolen and it has not been recovered.  Note: Recovery includes a partial recovery of components.
  2. Within 12 months of the theft date you have purchased a new bike of equal or greater value of the stolen bikes original new price from the same participating dealer.  
  3. You have registered the new replacement bike on the BikeVAULT section of the PropertyVAULT website.
  4. Contact DataDot via email:  info@datadotid.com and advising that you wish to claim the DLTB and include in the email the PV number of the new bike registered on the PropertyVAULT website and a copy of the replacement new bike purchase receipt from the original participating DataDot dealer.

Following verification, DataDot will forward you an amount equivalent to the applicable DLTB calculation.

Bike Security Requirements

For the DLTB to apply the bike needs to be secure at all times, with the following requirements:

  1. When stored at home you must ensure your bike is kept inside your home or garage and that where the bike is housed is securely locked when left unattended.
  2. If the bike is left in a communal garage (apartment or commercial) or parked outside and left unattended and not under your direct surveillance the bike needs to be secured with an approved lock (see below) and secured through the frame to an immovable object.

Approved Locks – All VAULT premium locks (‘D’, Folding, or Chain) or any other brand of lock of a similar design and quality.  Cable locks are excluded.

Additional Terms 

  • The DLTB is only available to Australian residents who are the original purchasers of bikes from participating VAULT dealers/retailers and is not transferrable. 
  • The DLTB is calculated on the purchase price of the stolen bike excluding additional parts and accessories. 
  • In the event an insured bike is stolen and an insurer settles a claim by providing a replacement bike the DLTB will not be redeemable in respect to that replacement bike, however, the DLTB will be redeemable in respect to an additional bike purchased by the original purchaser in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  • Participants in the DLTB must agree to provide such reasonable information as required by Property VAULT and DDT to verify the circumstances of the theft event.  

Note: The DLTB is not insurance, the program is offered in recognition of the loyalty of our dealers and customers who support our fight against theft. DataDot and PropertyVAULT cannot and does not warrant that a stolen bike will be recovered and recommends that owners consider their individual circumstances and their need to enter into an insurance policy that includes theft events.

DLTB Terms Updated 27 October 2020


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