VAULT locks and ID kits now available in bike shops!


Welcome aboard Grant and the team at Giant Sydney - 230 Clarence Street, Sydney our new partner bike shop selling the VAULT brand range of locks and bike identification kits!  

Combatting bike theft requires more than just a bike lock!

A quality bike lock will help to deter the opportunist thief from stealing your bike, although when it comes to our arch-enemy the serial bike thief who carries tools and targets bikes for a financial gain, quality locks are only one part of the solution.  

The key to stopping our arch-enemy and the black market traders who profit from stolen bikes is to make bikes too hot to handle so that they can no longer sell stolen bikes without fearing the bike will be identified and they will be caught.   

Lacking bike identification and the inability for the public prior to BikeVAULT to check if a bike for sale is stolen, is a major reason why bike theft is a high-volume crime in Australia, with 25,000+ bikes stolen annually and very few recovered.  

VAULT - Bike locks and ID kit advert

VAULT Protection – Not just a lock!

Every VAULT brand lock comes with a complimentary BIKE ID KIT, which with our premium VAULT lock range (D, Folding and Chain) includes an advanced BIKE ID KIT+ pack, which includes 1000 microscopic DataDot's ensuring every part of your bike is identifiable. 

Included value with every VAULT lock and BIKE ID KIT purchase:

  • Lifetime free registration on the BikeVAULT platform
  • Enhanced VAULT registration benefits with the upload of 20 identification photographs
  • Theft support from recovery experts if the bike is stolen

BONUS - 3YR up to $500 Dealer Loyalty Theft program

As an added benefit when a customer purchases a new bike from a participating VAULT partner shop and at the same time purchases a BIKE ID KIT+ on its own, or part of a VAULT premium lock bundle, they are eligible to enter the Dealer Loyalty Theft Program and receive a voucher up to $500 (10% of the bike value) to buy a new bike from the same shop if there bike is stolen within 3 years and not recovered in 90 days.  Terms and conditions apply – learn more here.

Bike Shops Wanted to help combat bike theft

If you run a bike shop, apply for your free VAULT Dealer account today and one of our reps will be in touch to discuss the benefits of becoming a partner bike shop promoting the VAULT range of locks and ID kits. 

Benefits of joining the VAULT:

  • Once your free Dealer account is created, your customers can select your shop when they register their bikes in the VAULT, which is recorded in the bikes transferable logbook for life.
  • Your customers will thank you in the unfortunate event their bike is stolen, or they want to sell their bike in the future and they use our registered bike sale platform to prove the bike's provenance and potentially receive a higher sale price.