Recovered as a result of the good work of five 'Stolen Bike Spotters'.

May 09, 2020 By Brad Kellas 7608


This much loved Malvern Star Oppy was stolen on 21 March 2020 from an apartment garage in Brunswick, Victoria.  One month later the bike was identified for sale online by a suspect seller by not one but five 'Stolen Bike Spotters', who reported to directly to PropertyVAULT.  

Unfortunately, the opportunity to recover the bike was lost, when the seller was tipped off by an overzealous social media poster, who alerted the suspect seller the bike was stolen ....arghhhh! 

Pro tip: When hunting, keep quiet as you will scare off the prey.

All was not lost

The black market trade of stolen bikes has many participants - thief, knowing and unknowing handlers (licensed and unlicensed second-hand dealers and opportunist private traders), who are all in the business of making a buck.  Greed is a powerful driver, especially when you get something for cheap or for zero dollars and you can quickly double your money.  So it was no surprise when the bike turned up for sale and now double the price in the hands of an unlicensed second-hand dealer, who is known by the PropertyVAULT team to actively trade in bikes. 

Not wanting to miss the opportunity this time, the police were quickly called to action and the bike was promptly recovered.  Great job Victoria Police!

Close down the black market traders and put an end to organised theft!

By removing the ability for thieves and handlers to profit out of stolen property most theft will disappear.  Our unlicensed trader now knows that if wants to continue his unregulated business, that he now best check the VAULT before buying second-hand bikes.

Some words from our thankful owner

Of course, I never thought I'd see my bike again when it was stolen from my apartment.  About a month after registering it on BikeVAULT, I got a call from BikeVAULT, saying my bike had been found being sold online.  BikeVAULT then worked with the police to help get it back.  It was too easy, all I had to do was pick it up from the police station.  I'm super grateful to everyone involved in getting it back.

Protect your bike and your ownership

Don't settle for just a bike lock, choose a premium VAULT lock and ID KIT bundle, and not only secure your bike, but secure your bikes ID and your ownership for life.  

Help us put the thieves & black market traders out of business

Bike theft is driven by the lucrative black market trade, aided by lacking bike identification, insufficient recording, and the inability for the public prior to BikeVAULT to check if a second-hand bike is stolen when advertised for sale.

Register your bike identification and your ownership in the VAULT for free and help us put the black market traders out of business an end targetted bike theft!  

Not just bikes – You can now register all your assets vulnerable to theft in the VAULT, including your pets that commonly go walkabout!  Check out our bespoke custom registration and stolen forms designed by asset identification and recovery experts.


The tools used to reduce car theft by 75% can work to reduce all property crime!
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