Proven advice and effort resulted in Oscar's stolen bike being recovered.

October 24, 2020 By Brad Kellas 3516


On 15 October 2020, Oscar's Reid Urban X2 was stolen from StKilda, where it was locked in the street.  Devasted to find that his bike used for his income source as a food delivery rider was stolen, he wanted and needed to do everything he could to try and recover his bike.  

Unaware of BikeVAULT (part of the PropertyVAULT solution to combat theft), Oscar contacted the Reid store in North Melbourne where he purchased the bike to gather information to help with his report to police.  Fortunately for Oscar, the staff at the store directed him to the BikeVAULT website as the go site to help recover his bike.

Advice paid off

Following the advice we send to all victims, Oscar began searching the typical places and sites online where stolen bikes are advertised, when within a few days he found a suspicious advert for a matching bike advertised for sale on Gumtree.

Needing proof to prove the bike was his, he communicated with the seller and inspected the bike as a potential purchaser.  On confirmation the bike was his, he called the police, who were on their way to assist, when the seller, (who may or may not be the thief) decided to leave the bike with Oscar and disappear in the distance.

Great job Oscar!

CAUTION - Never judge a book by its cover!

Don't be fooled into believing that a bike thief is just a petty criminal.  Many are involved in drugs and have a history of violent crime and the use of weapons and you will never know what they may do to avoid being caught.  Always contact and be guided by the police, if you believe you have found your stolen bike.  Your safety should always come first! 

Bike identification is key to combatting bike theft

Solving all bike theft is impossible but preventing the main reason why they are stolen is achievable.  Learn how PropertyVAULT in partnership DataDot Technology the world leaders in asset identification solutions to combat theft can help stop the profiteers who drive bike theft - Bike identification is Key to reducing bike theft!

Bike registration is a key component of the BikeVAULT success as it provides the ability for a purchaser of a used bike to check whether it is stolen.  In addition to free registration and stolen reports and assistance, BikeVAULT, part of the PropertyVAULT suite of asset registers to combat theft – provides:

  • Life cycle asset provenance recording, with blockchain encryption, 
  • Registration and logbook transfer when selling, and 
  • Registered asset sale platform – enabling purchasers to conduct due diligence of registered VAULT assets listed for sale.

Start protecting your bike and all your assets vulnerable to theft today!

Sign up for your free account and click the ‘ADD TO VAULT’ button to begin registering all your assets (including pets) vulnerable to theft! 


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