Persistence pays off when it comes to stolen bikes!

April 19, 2020 By John Manley 5067 Recovered Bikes


On 22 February 2020, a cunning bike thief, using bolts cutters, stole the victim's bike which was secured to a parking rack in CBD Melbourne.   

Devasted upon finding her much loved Kona Rove had been stolen, the victim went straight to the police to file a report, which was taken by a conscientious police member, who advised that she should also report the theft on the PropertyVAULT - BikeVAULT website.

Following the advice and wanting to do everything she could to get her bike back, she submitted her report to BikeVAULT and then read the detailed proven recovery tips we provide to victims, which includes setting up alerts on our online search engine for bike adverts as well as trawling likely buy and sell websites, Facebook Marketplace, and second-hand dealers, where stolen bikes regularly turn up.

You make your own luck - diligence pays off 

Although stolen in late February, the Kona wasn't offered for sale until April 2020.  Fortunately, our diligent owner never stopped looking and found the bike was advertised for sale on a Facebook Marketplace.  Following our normal recovery recipe, the victim contacted both the Police and the PropertyVAULT team and a not so secret sting operation was implemented resulting in the bike being recovered and two of Victoria Police finest members - Sergeant George Papalas and Constable Owen Tunstall (pictured) from Melbourne East arresting a male and charging him with handling stolen goods.

Great work all round, in particular by the victim for not giving up, proving once again you can make your own luck! 

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