Stolen bikes have no borders!

May 13, 2020 By Brad Kellas 7851 Recovered Bikes, Stolen Bikes


Imagine going on a planned interstate bike adventure and your trusty steed is stolen.  This is what happened to Esteban when in October last year he saddled up his fluoro yellow Giant TCX Pro 1 and headed over on the ferry to Tasmania for a riding adventure.  The almost perfect trip, unfortunately, ended in a bike riders' nightmare when his trusty steed was stolen from a caravan park in Latrobe.

After looking everywhere and reporting the theft to the Tasmania Police, Esteban had to leave the Apple Isle and his two-wheeled companion behind.  Fortunately, he knew of BikeVAULT and with not holding much hope reported his bike stolen, joining the 10,000 + searchable stolen bikes on the VAULT.

You make your own luck

Fortunes changed for Esteban on Monday this week, when one of our growing army of Stolen Bike Spotters, matched Esteban's bike for sale online at a second-hand dealer in Frankston Victoria.  Following our textbook protocol, the bike was identified, police notified and the bike was quickly recovered.  Great job by our Stolen Bike Spotter and the Detectives from Mornington CIU for a swift recovery and a no-fuss return of the bike to the victim.   The Victoria and Tasmania police now have a suspect to follow up and hopefully charge.

Next please .............

A few words from Esteban

You guys are #%&%@ brilliant, BikeVAULT is hope.

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