A quick recovery in Canberra thanks to two Stolen Bike Spotters

May 17, 2020 By Brad Kellas 5166 Recovered Bikes, Stolen Bikes


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A quick recovery as a result of two Stolen Bike Spotters

This high-end Merida EONE Sixty Mountain bike was stolen from a vehicle in Fyshwick, ACT on 20 February 2020 and recovered in seven days, as a result of two BikeVAULT - Stolen Bike Spotters reporting a suspicious matching bike advert on Facebook.

Following our textbook recovery protocol, the victim provided succinct information to the ACT police, which resulted in his bike being recovered within 24 hours and a male being charged by the police.  Well done ACT Police.

The victims account of the recovery ......

Bike vault reported the bike was advertised on Facebook, in the sale add there was a number plate and police recovered the bike at the location

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