Three bikes recovered thanks to Cash Converters checking the stolen listings on BikeVAULT!

April 17, 2021 By Brad Kellas 3317 Recovered Bikes


Thieves who target bikes for financial gain, which is the main reason why they are stolen, will typically try to cash in on their ill-gotten gain as quickly as possible when they deem it safe!  Second-hand dealers and online buyers are prime targets for cunning thieves.  Whilst reputable dealers like Cash Converters carry out checks and balances and supply purchase data to police, they are just as susceptible to being conned by a thief, as anyone.

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In the secondhand bike market, BikeVAULT has helped make a safer trading place for used bike buyers, including second-hand dealers like Cash Converters, who now have the means to check a bike's provenance to avoid buying stolen bikes.  Whilst BikeVAULT has helped the reputable second-hand dealers, it has also exposed a few not so reputable that have been referred to the police to be investigated.  Having a second-hand dealer’s licence is not a get-out-of-jail-free ticket to deal in stolen property!

As a result of the good work of Cash Converters in Collingwood, Victoria, the following three bikes were recovered in a two-week period in February this year and quickly returned to their owners.  In each case, the suspected thieves tried to sell the bikes at the store and left empty-handed when they learnt the bikes were stolen.  The Victoria Police are investigating each incident.

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Tom's Bike

Tom’s Giant Boulder bike was stolen from his apartment garage is Brunswick East on 5 November 2020. 

From Tom ......... Thanks again for all of your help with getting the bike back, I was able to collect it yesterday afternoon. Excellent work! I'm a bit blown away that I was able to get the bike back in all honesty. Before you called initially I thought it was done and dusted.

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Elian's Bike

Elian’s Kross Mountain bike from his apartment garage in South Melbourne on 12 January 2021.  

From Elian .........Thank you so much for helping us recover the Bike. I still cannot believe we have it back.

Hammish's Bike

Hamish’s Giant Anthem Pro Mountain bike was stolen in a snatch and grab theft outside a hotel in Abbotsford on 10 February 2021.

From Hammish ......... Big thanks BikeVAULT and Cash Converters

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