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Anonymous Tip-Off and Ghost ID Leads to Stolen Bike Recovery from Cash Converters

July 05, 2022 By Alison Hush 994 Recovered Bikes, Recovered Stolen Bike, Bike Protection


Thanks to an anonymous tip-off on our BikeVAULT portal and Ghost identification, 14-year-old Asher was reunited with his Norco Bikes Storm 4 mountain bike after it was stolen from his family home in North Adelaide. 

Asher’s bike is his pride and joy. He spends every waking moment riding his bike for his mental well-being and exercise.  

That was until his bike, along with three other bikes, helmets, and a baby carrier belonging to the family were stolen from their shed earlier this year. Asher discovered the bikes were missing when he went to retrieve his bike to ride to school. He was horrified when he found the bikes missing and a great big hole in the shed that thieves had cut with metal cutters.

Asher’s mother Naomi said when Asher alerted the family of the theft he was in absolute tears.

Fortunately for Asher, Naomi had previously registered all the bikes on BikeVAULT as well as purchasing and applying a BIKE ID KIT label set to all her bikes.  

Naomi reported the theft to the police and changed the status of her registered bikes in the VAULT from ‘SAFE’ to ‘STOLEN’, making them publicly searchable.  The bikes were then shared on our BikeVAULT and associated stolen bike Facebook pages notifying our broader community to keep a look out and report stolen bike sightings.

The waiting game begins…

Lucky for Asher, two months after the bikes were stolen, we received an anonymous report on the BikeVAULT stolen listing that a matching bike to Asher’s was for sale at a Cash Converters in South Adelaide. 

After validating the report, PropertyVAULT’s team of bike theft experts contacted Naomi and guided her on the process to prove the bike's identification and retrieve her son’s bike.

Upon inspecting the bike, Naomi found she had incorrectly recorded the bikes serial number and that all identifying labels applied to the bike including the BIKE ID KIT label set had been removed.

The cunning thieves most likely thought they were clever by removing the labels before selling the bike to Cash Converters.  Little did they know that BIKE ID KIT labels have a special fluorescent acrylic adhesive designed to penetrate the surface coat to leave a UV detectable trace.

The QR Code ID label with laser-cut Ghost ID stencilling leaves a hidden identification visible using a UV torch.  

“I hadn’t recorded the bike serial number correctly, so it was the BikeVAULT ID that 100% confirmed ownership. BikeVAULT also provided phone support to guide us through the process of recovering our bike.” Said Naomi.

As Naomi could prove her ownership, Cash Converters returned the bike to her.  Without categoric proof of ownership, this story may not have had a happy ending. 

Naomi also said that the police thought the level of protection from the BIKE ID KIT was pure genius and that every bike should have one.

Asher is thrilled to have his bike back still intact so he can continue doing what he loves.

Three bikes still missing

Keep a look out for Naomi’s three other stolen bikes which are still missing. If you have any information that may assist the police in recovering them, get in touch via the "MAKE A REPORT" tab on the stolen post.




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