Merry Xmas - Never give up on getting your stolen bike back!

December 24, 2018 By Brad Kellas 5541 Recovered Bikes


Here is some sound advice from Tony a very happy former bike theft victim:

Never give up hope of getting your Bike back. I did after 18 months but the good folk at Bike Vault did not. I had my S-Works Epic stolen in January 2017 from an apartment in central Canberra along with 3 other high-end bikes – a Colnago C59, Cervelo R5 and a Budnitz commuter bike.

Thanks to Bike Vault I have all but the Budnitz bike back in my possession. Brad from Bike Vault personally followed up with me at the time providing excellent advice on what to do to get my bikes back even if I thought the chances were very low. This had been the view of the police at the time as well.

The fabulous website that Bike Vault has established, their search engines that look for your bikes continuously and the network of people connected into Bike Vault have all worked to help me get my bikes back.

The S-Works Epic was seen for sale at a local Pawn Broker’s store for a super cheap price over a weekend. Brad rang to say he thinks he had found my bike and referred me to the ad.

I was shocked to see it and shocked that it looked unridden since it was stolen. But the big issue was the race to stop the shop selling it or the bike magically disappearing again before I could get it back. Brad worked closely with the Police to ensure that it would be recovered

The police then did a raid and successfully got my bike back. It is an amazing story of Bike Vault working very closely with the Police and my thanks to both for such a great service. Chapeau à toi Bike Vault.

Peter's S Works collected at the Australian Federal Police Head Quarters in Canberra


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