Stolen Bike Spotter tip-off uncovered a suspected organised stolen bike racket operating between the ACT and NSW!

June 05, 2021 By Brad Kellas 5767 Stolen Bikes, Recovered Stolen Bike


On 16 May 2021, Stu's custom-built Ritchey mountain bike and his Norco Search gravel bike were stolen from his apartment garage in Braddon ACT.  After reporting the theft to police and following the advice of several friends, he reported his bikes stolen on BikeVAULT in the hope they may one day be found. 

Yesterday, following a tip-off by a BikeVAULT Stolen Bike Spotter, who identified Stu's bike for sale on Gumtree, the police in Batemans Bay NSW did a great job, resulting in the arrest of a male and the recovery of Stu's bike and two other bikes suspected of being stolen.

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$1,000 Reward for Information

PropertyVAULT has sponsored a reward of up to $1000 for information that leads to the recovery of one or more of the following suspected stolen bikes, as well as Stu's outstanding Norco Search and a stolen Surly Ogre Gravel bike that belongs to one of our members.  Reward Terms and Conditions Apply*

Norco Search - PV 44134

Surly Ogre Gravel Bike - PV 23201

Bikes seized by the police 

Can you help identify the owner of these two suspected stolen bikes (Trek and Specialized MTB's) seized by police and the 10 other bikes listed for sale on the same Gumtree account.  If you have any information that may assist, click on the 'MAKE A CLAIM' tab for each 'Owner Wanted' bike listing and we will ensure the investigating police are notified.

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Trek Mountain Bike - PV 44750

Specialized Mountain Bike - PV 44749

Giant Dual Suspension Mountain Bike - PV 44741

GT Mountain Bike - PV 44742

Mongoose Mountain Bike - PV 44743

Mongoose Hybrid Bike - PV 44745

Norco Mountain Bike - PV 44746

Silver E-Bike - PV 44747

Specialized Mountain Bike - PV 44748

Trek E-Bike - PV 44751

Trek Road Bike - PV 44752

UK Brand Black Hybrid Bike - PV 44753

Take action - Protect your bike ID and ownership for FREE before it's too late!

Protect your bike identification and ownership today.  Register your bike on BikeVAULT and make it harder for the thieves and handlers to profit from stolen bikes. 

BikeVAULT is part of the PropertyVAULT platform – Australia’s No.1 free online community platform and specialist service to help combat theft, catering for all assets vulnerable to theft, including pets!

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*Reward Terms and Conditions

PropertyVAULT rewards are paid out in good faith and in consultation with investigating police and no money will be paid to any individual suspected of being involved in the theft or handling of the stolen bike. Any reward paid will be at the sole discretion of PropertyVAULT and may be shared if there are multiple reports.



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