"Crime Pays" Ram Raider strikes twice at Bicycle Superstore Fountain Gate

April 09, 2019 By Brad Kellas 10691 Stolen Bikes


Sally is not happy and we don't blame her!

You don't get anything more brazen than a thief wearing a "Crime Pays" hoodie ram raiding your premises on two consective days.  After casing the shop last Friday, it is alleged our Arch Enemy returned early Saturday morning, backing a suspected stolen Toyota Hilux dual cab ute through the front doors of the shop and making off with 3 high-end mountain bikes.

One would think he now had his fill, but unfortunately it was proven to not be the case, when he returned early Sunday morning for a repeat performance, making off with the fourth bike.

Sally Randall, the owner of the Bicycle Superstore bike shop chain, has had more than her fair share of thieves making off with bikes from her 7 stores, with multiple ram raids at her Fountain Gate and High Point stores.  Insurance won't typically cover the full loss from these break-ins and the amount of damage on this occasion(s) will most likely exceed $30,000.