Persistence pays off when it comes to stolen bikes!
April 19, 2020 By John Manley 5320 Recovered Bikes,

Smiles all round when this planned stolen bike recovery came together.

The Jamis upgrade!
January 26, 2020 By Brad Kellas 6302 Recovered Bikes, Stolen Bikes,

"Crime Pays" Ram Raider strikes twice at Bicycle Superstore Fountain Gate
April 09, 2019 By Brad Kellas 9259 Stolen Bikes,

Brazen ram raider wearing a hoodie with a large "Crime Pays" motif, strikes twice at Bicycle Superstore Fountain Gate!

Merry Xmas - Never give up on getting your stolen bike back!
December 24, 2018 By Brad Kellas 5856 Recovered Bikes,

Stolen nearly two years ago from an apartment garage in Canberra and recovered just in time for Christmas!

Gumtree Bike Bandit steals BMX Bandits bike!
November 18, 2018 By Brad Kellas 9193 Stolen Bikes,

Mountain bike belonging to deceased Veteran Police Detective and BMX Bandits stunt rider, stolen by a Gumtree Bike Bandit during a test ride!

Community partnerships starting to pay dividends – multiple stolen bikes recovered thanks to Cash Converters
November 12, 2018 By Brad Kellas 8557 Recovered Bikes,

For policing to be effective it requires a strong partnership with the community. The Bike Vault model is built on the same principle and it is starting to pay dividends with the largest second-hand dealer in the world – Cash Converters.

A wombat, Bandage Man and one and a half recovered stolen bikes
November 10, 2018 By Brad Kellas 7482 Recovered Bikes, Stolen Bikes,

Bike crash involving a wombat in Brisbane and a bike stolen from Canberra leads to the theft of a $10,000 bike in Victoria.

Stolen Saturday and Recovered Sunday, wish they were all that fast!
November 06, 2018 By Brad Kellas 5573 Recovered Bikes,

Bike theft is driven by greed and the black market trade! Counter the black market and we can win the bike theft war!

Flash Gordon temporarily foils some brazen bike thieves!
November 04, 2018 By Brad Kellas 6215 Recovered Bikes, Stolen Bikes,

Brazen thieves targetting bike shops in and around Melbourne! $2000 Reward Posted

Bubbly and a recovered stolen bike
October 05, 2018 By Brad Kellas 5742 Recovered Bikes,

It is never to early to celebrate when you get your stolen bike back!