Stolen Trailer - Bairnsdale - Vault Protected


Stolen from GEELONG, VIC 31 December 2019 1295 PV 20538
Stolen from GEELONG, VIC 1295 PV 20538
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Box Trailer
6 x 4
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Light Grey
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Light Grey Bairnsdale box trailer in excellent condition as had full make over and kept in garage. Drop down front and rear doors. Side tie down rails. No spare tyre.
Stolen from GEELONG, VIC on 31 December 2019
Garage - Private Residence
Trailer stolen from garage between 1.30 - 9.30am. It had off cuts of merbau decking timber and old rug. Trailer was used to remove 2 bikes, golf bag with king cobra clubs, tool sets (screwdrivers and electric drill), boxing gloves and bike extras.


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